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  • Rosewood Charcuterie Board

Rosewood Charcuterie Board



  • turkey jerky: turkey (75%), pea Protein 12%, potato starch 8%, , vegetable glycerine 3%, sorbitol 2%
  • beef sausage: beef 71%,potato starch 10%,pea protein 6%, tapioca starch 5%,vegetable glycerine 5%,sorbitol 3%
  • duck fillet: duck breast 85.5%,pea protein 5%,vegetable glycerine 4%,potato starch 3.5%,sorbitol 2%
  • chicken wrapped apple with a hint of cinamon: apple 63%,chicken30.3%,potato starch2%,pea protein2%,vegetable glycerin2%,sorbitol 0.5%,cinamon 0.2%


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These tasty festive treats feature Turkey Jerky, Beef Sausages, Duck Filletsf and Chicken wrapped Apple with a hint of Cinnamon.  Lip smackingly good, and a great way for your furry friend to join in the festivities!