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  • Rosewood Cupid & Comet Letterbox Giftbox

Rosewood Cupid & Comet Letterbox Giftbox



PIGS IN BLANKETS DOG TREATS 100G: Chicken & chicken by-products (78%), Starch 7.9%, Pea Protein 7%,Vegetable Glycerine 5%, Sorbitol 2%, Red Yeast Rice 0.1%.

TURKEY WRAPPED CARROT TWIST DOG TREATS 100g: Turkey (52%), Potato Starch 20%, Carrot (12%), Pea Protein 12%, Vegetable Glycerine 4%.

TURKEY JERKY DOG TREATS 100g: Turkey (75%), Pea Protein 12%, Starch 8%, Vegetable Glycerine 3%, Sorbitol 2%.


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In mail ready packaging these tasty treats make the perfect gift.

3 Packs of tasty treats: 100g turkey jerky, 100g pigs in blankets, 100g turkey wrapped carrot twists Packaged in a mail ready gift box, which easily fits through most standard size letterboxes

Rawhide Free Treats
Made with real meat